Elektro Delikatessen Stage – Mystic Valley Festival 2017

Elektro Delikatessen Stage

The Elektro Delikatessen Crew reunite with Exploited Records (Dj Shir Khan and Kyodai) to host the Secret After Party stage in the middle of the Jungle at Asia’s Biggest Festival – Mystic Valley. Expect a wild and trippy After Party atmosphere featuring Internationational Superstars and b2b sets from the best DJ based in Bangkok.

The masterminds behind Elektro Delikatessen are Matteo Iannelli – DJ Ikono , Sascha Jochum and Richie Rathat Chaowanich -DJ Richie , who work together with a ‘big network of resident DJs and supporters’.

They describe their activity and how they started it saying: “We saw very quickly that we were on the same level and decided to organize events together. Elektro Delikatessen is about creating an underground space that is presently missing, here in Bangkok. It’s about experimenting, pushing the boundaries – making people and DJs with different ideas meet and create together.

There is a very big potential for this scene. We want to attract Party-goers with a little bit of personality and taste for music, together with Thai people who are looking for something real and different from the same parties that have been happening forever. People interested in art and creativity. Everyone is welcome at Elektro Delikatessen, whether young/old, or Thai/Westerner.”

The Elektro Delikatessen Crew has already organized a variety of events and festivals in Bangkok, starring very famous Djs such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, Pan Pot, Robosonic, Alle Farben, Marcus Meinhardt, Nils Hoffmann, Stil Vor Talent Labelnight, Florian Meindl, Kruse & Nuemberg and are the creator of the DANZN Festival, Liquid Festival and Dark Circus. Here are the videos from the events!

Elektro Delikatessen will be hosting the Secret Stage at Mystic festival, the official afterparty stage, featuring la crème de la crème of Bangkok djs, international and local.

Secret Stage Line Up:

Saturday 4th February
6-7am Coran b2b Tim Roemer
7-8am Dan Buri b2b Kuroten
8-9am Juany Bravo b2b Ikono
9-10am Ellie b2b Bassyouth
10-11am Tim Kopp b2b Zidov Akuma
11-12pm Neil Thorpe b2b Dee Iris
12-1pm Jamie James b2b Timid.E
1-2pm Superstar Panda b2b Charlie Kwenta
2pm-4pm Shir Khan [Exploited]
4pm – 5pm D.Cut b2b The Sammy Show

Sunday 5th February
6-7am Rolls Noize b2b Junesis
7-8am Denis Beyer b2b Adva
8-9am Thorsten Karger b2b Richie
9-10am Persual b2b Seelie
10-11am Nukier b2b Adiero
11-12pm James Thackstone b2b Jules Blons
12-1pm Nemo Cools b2b Fred Canal
1-2pm DOTT b2b Boris Rubin
2pm-4pm Kyodai [Exploited]
4pm – 5pm Marmosets [Live Act]