Let’s Camp at Mystic Valley! – Mystic Valley Festival 2017

Let’s Camp at Mystic Valley!

January 07, 2017

Welcome to Mystic Valley Festival, where nature and music unite. As we debut the real music festival experience truly unique to Thailand, and the chance to escape into the wild, bond with your friends and even make some news ones,  it is essential to prepare yourselves for the experience of sleeping under the stars.

We want you to have the right gear for camping on ground at Mystic Ville, so it’s best to do your research beforehand. Firstly, take a look at our ultimate camping checklist and note the items that are important for you to take. Think about the size and weight of these items as it is easier to travel light, so only bring what you need. Make sure you prepare well ahead of time so your Mystic Valley Festival experience is a memorable one.

Tent: You’ll want a quality tent with good ventilation to keep a good air circulation in your tent.

Choose a tent size which is bigger than what you need. So if you have 3 friends, choose a tent for 4 and so on.

Sleeping Bag or sleeping pad: These are very important as they keep you off the ground, and cushion your back. Don’t forget to bring your blankets too! Khao Yai can be get pretty cold at night.

Finding a Good Campsite: Arrive at Mystic Ville camping site early for the best choice of places to pitch your tent. Look for a flat ground to lay your tent on but close by to your friends.

Security: Bring a little luggage lock to make sure your things are safe. We will have security guards at the camping areas to take care of peace but will not be responsible for missing valuables. If you are camping, it is best not to bring anything too valuable anyway.

Keeping Clean:  While we have shower facilities prepared for you, it’s always helpful to bring dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes for convenience. Toilet paper and packs of tissue are absolutely a must.

Flashlight: A keychain-size flashlight will help you find your tent after dark. It’ll also help you avoid tripping over power cords or camp wires. Put in a fresh battery before the weekend.

Black garbage Bags and Ash Trays: Pick up after your trash and dispose them at the central garbage area so we keep Mystic Ville clean. Make sure you put out your cigarettes carefully without catching a fire!! 

Electric Hand Held Fan: A good size fan, not so big that you cannot carry, but big enough to keep you cool throughout the 3 days. You can find many options at Fortune Tower!

Tent Lights: Bring portable LED lamps. They help you find your tent in a crowded field and make your camp look like the kind of place where attractive people might want to come hang out.

Rugs: Throwing rugs down under your canopy, outside your tent, or on its floor can help make your tent feel like home.

Chairs: Dancing at our pool party all day, and partying at the 8 stages all night, we know your legs will want to rest. Folding chairs will do just fine and should last an entire weekend.

Bluetooth Speakers:  You are welcome to bring your own music, but be courteous to your neighboring tents. Best advice is to always consider the sleeping hours to ensure everyone gets enough sleep to have energy for all 3 days!

Power Bank and portable camera chargers: Although we prepare the electronic device charging spots, bringing your own is the best, so you can ensure your phone and camera are always ready!

Stay connected: If you don’t want to lose phone connection while finding your friends, or want to upload your pictures before anyone else, make sure you have your own portable wifi

Mosquito Repellant and Sun Screen: Needs no further explanation!

Trolley: The car park is a bit of a walk from Mystic Ville campsite, so make sure you pack light and take a trolley with you so it’s easy to move your stuff around.

Prepare for any weather:  sunglasses, hat, sandals and a rain jacket. Check out Mystic Valley Official Merchandise options at the event!

Handy sized backpack, just big enough to fit all the stuff you need for one day. Mystic Valley Festival venue is huge with 8 stages, 1 pool party, food & market areas. Take all the stuff you need in one go so you don’t have to walk all the way back!

A lightweight towel/A Sarong: the multi-purpose item to wipe your sweat, wrap around your waist or sit on. Even make a fashion statement with one.

First Aid: bring some standard medicines, although we have first aid facilities on site, having easy access throughout the whole festival will come in handy.

Pack a pair of earplugs so you can get some sleep… if you want to.

Lastly, here are some extra fabulous ideas to make Mystic Valley Festival more fun and special for you and your friends;

  • A blow-up sofa is a stylish way to rest between your visits to all of our 8 stages
  • Wow your friends with your look by getting some temporary metallic tattoos or glow-in-the-dark paint!
  • Look the part by exploring some festival fashion or wearing a festival headband
  • Everyone loves anything LED, speakers, sneakers, sunglasses. Let’s light up the whole Valley!
  • Don’t ever lose your friends or tent by taking a festival flag/balloon with you.
  • Download an app similar to Shazam before you go, so you can find out your favorite music from one of more than 50 artists playing simply by using your phone.