What Makes A Music Festival – Mystic Valley Festival 2017

What Makes A Music Festival

January 27, 2017

    Music is the one language that touches all hearts and minds. Something everyone, regardless of culture, race, religion, nationality, or sex, understands. Since at least the Middle Ages, people have been enjoying music festivals; the earlier ones were held as competitions. Today, music festivals around the world are usually themed according to genre, nationality, or holidays.Everyone’s heard of globally popular music festivals such as Tomorrowland, EDC (Electronic Daisy Carnival), or Ultra Music Festival, with their focus on electronic music and events across the world. With the rise of cultural youth globalization, Thais are beginning to get more into the music festival scene. Catering to our globalized generation as well as brings its own very unique touches, Mystic Valley Festival will entirely be worth looking into for the following reasons:
      • Global Headliners
        In an exciting three-day escapade, Mystic Valley Festival is stunning with global headliners such as FeddeLe Grande, Sander van Doorn, Bassjackers, Sven Vath, Nakadia, Mark Sixma, Tenishia, and UZ. With this many artists, I’d say the festival is well worth your money!
      • Multiple Stages
        Mystic Valley Festival is composed of 8 stages total, all geared towards a different music experience. Just take a look at the titles—Dark White, EPIC Entertainment, Elektro Delikatessen, HYPE, Phatfunk/Kontraband, Sunn, Trance Music Lovers in Thailand, and Urban Pool Party! One of my favorite stages is Dark White, situated under a generous shade of tall trees for a very pleasant, sheltered daytime feel. Trance Music Lovers is also cool, surrounded by towering pillars and lasers. Most excitingly, Mystic Valley has a secret stage and a pool party, a feature to be discovered by surprise! To put it simply, the event is seriously good-crazy fun!
      • Music Variety
        Whether you’re an EDM, techno, RnB, or hip hop fan, Mystic Valley Festival’s got it all covered! That means friends with different music tastes can explore different stages and party together. There’s everything for every taste, all day long!
      • Immersive Experience
        Forget mere concerts and DJ shows. Mystic Valley is a real music festival, offering an immersive experience of a lifetime. Every single moment from the start of the three-day journey is part of the fun package, starting from packing camping gear, dance shoes, and festival outfits. Then it’s the road trip, shared humorous moments, giggling revelations. Then, at last, it’s time for Khao Yai’s breathtaking nature, fresh air, and the sound of music. It will truly be home! Not to mention, there is a lot of activities for me to share fun memories with my friends such as pool parties and food trucks!
      • Community Vibes
        I believe that strangers are just friends I haven’t met. At Mystic Valley, I am sure I’ll meet a lot of interesting people who shares the same love for music. Friends aren’t hard to make when you’re all enjoying music, nature, and living the best life has to offer!